Our Story

Kelli Hulslander debuted the consignment shop, “Your Other Closet,” in Northeast Albuquerque’s Mountain Run Shopping Center in February of 2016.  That’s only a bit over four years since opening day, but the success of the business has allowed her to expand twice; Kelli now has over 4,000 square feet of display space, more than double the original floor plan.  All that extra space was needed as Kelli has increased the “Closet’s” (that’s our insider name) inventory to some four times what was available in the early days, and her consignor base has grown from 100+ to over 1,500+.  Plus, the “Closet” is no longer just a women’s specialty shop; savvy shoppers today can find a truly exceptional variety of unique things to choose from, including women’s clothing of course, furniture, antiques, home décor, wall art, lighting pieces, jewelry, ceramics and unusual items of every kind, from whimsical to sedate, from 19th century to ultra modern, from rare collectibles to a couple of odd items no one has been able to identify, but they’re fun to have around; and who knows, maybe someone will identify them one of these days.  Maybe even buy one!

What it’s all about

Kelli’s business objective is to provide customers with an attractive selection of gently used, spotlessly clean, top condition items that are sure to please – and always at fair and affordable prices. 

A brief breakdown on the “Closet’s” (an insider term) inventory includes:

  • Clothing: high quality, classic, and seasonal styles that are "new" or in "like new" condition ready for display (casual, business and formal wear attire)
  • Fashion Accessories: classic, unique, and high quality jewelry, bags, belts, scarves, and shoes
  • Home Decor: seasonal and unique items for decorating the home, bedroom, or bath, including lamps, wall art, vases, cooking items, hostess essentials and collectibles
  • Furniture: items that in Excellent Used Condition offered at a great price, including antique, midcentury modern and current styles; typically carrying couches, loveseats, occasional chairs, tables of all styles; dressers, desks and multipurpose pieces.

Meet the owner

Kelli is a native of St. Pete, Florida.  She relocated to Albuquerque in 1988 to attend UNM where she earned a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and later she earned an MA degree in Educational Leadership & Policies.  After graduating UNM Kelli worked as a chemical engineer for a Texas based petrochemical company, but she decided that she wanted to return to New Mexico and to leave the engineering field for other directions and interests.  Since those engineering days, Kelli has pursued several career opportunities, ranging from Director of three Boys & Girls Clubs to teaching in a local charter school to Advisement Coordinator for UNM’s College of Arts & Sciences.  Over the years, however, Kelli often thought fondly of the many hours she used to spend in a small neighborhood gift shop after school searching for the perfect gift for friends and family members.  While “Your Other Closet” is much more than a small gift shop, Kelli says that running it brings back a lot of those memories, and it’s the most enjoyable and fun working world she’s ever been in.

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